The Company

The Company

Macandoo is a Bavarian-based company dedicated to making a difference across a broad spectrum of products and services – “Food Live” that includes Food Products and Beverages, Information Technology (IT), and Others. Our goal is to infuse innovative ideas and offer consumers, quality products not yet existing in the market. We have begun this journey by identifying and analyzing market needs and then successfully combining our experience and innovative ideas to meet those needs.

Our Business

Macandoo plans to introduce multiple products to the market in the near future. Our short-term strategy is to extensively promote “Food Live” – an ideology by which aconsumer can enhance his/her food experience with innovative products from Macandoo. In essence, what is means is that we are focusing on quality food products that enhance the overall experience when having food. The first step towards achieving this ideology will be the launch of a delicious food enhancing product. While our short-term strategy targets the German market, our long-term strategy would be geared towards introducing Macandoo’s range of products to Benelux countries, the Eurozone and the global market. We intend to be a household name soon, with our persistent efforts. We believe that our IT services will complement our overall business thrust. In the future, Macandoo aims to be a roof for international quality products, as well as services.

Contact Us

macandoo GmbH
Feringastr. 6
85774 Munich, Germany

Phone +49 700 622 263 66