Food Live

Food Live

Ever tried your favorite roast meat without a dash of mustard or a generous helping of horseradish sauce? Ever paired a salmon with different sauces? Eaten plain, without anything to improve upon its taste, meat or a piece of fish can be rather bland. The lack of a taste bud tingling taste may be the main reason why humans have come up with many different ways to intensify the food experience. This is also the reason why we at Macandoo have constructed a unique “Food Live” ideology.

Our philosophy is that the consumer, when eating a meal, should consciously experience the food, as well as be aware of the eating process in an intuitive way. A meal or a beverage should be about more than just an intake of nourishment; it should be about the sensory experience. The addition of our products created under the “Food Live” ideology would help the consumer better savor the meal.

Would you rather eat pasta with tomato sauce or treat yourself to a plate of prime steak drizzled with our food enhancing product? Well, it is time to change your attitude and experience the food enhancing products from Macandoo.

The best part is that our food enhancing products do not in any way, compromise health or nutrition, as they are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients.

BBQUE – our Innovative Barbecue Product Line

BBQUE stands for a unique barbecue taste experience, combining the classic aspects of a smoky barbecue with traditional typical Bavarian ingredients. The product range was kicked off in selected regions in Germany mid 2012 and will be coming to further regions from spring 2013. While starting with the classic Bavarian taste further tastes and merchandising articles will be introduced to the product range in the near future. More information on the first BBQUE product can be obtained from the product website (in German, or Bavarian language), or by contacting us.

Product Development and Quality

The development of a new product is always linked with opportunities and risks. At Macandoo, food products are created by melding existing product knowledge and sensory science. To ensure the highest standards, we source the finest ingredients from reputable and trusted sources. Our food enhancers are tweaked, smelled, and tasted till a perfect balance is found. We are serious about the quality of our products. We strive to ensure that Quality Control (QC) procedures are applied at every stage of the manufacturing process to produce a quality and above all, tasty product.


Our game plan also includes the introduction of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to the market. We will bring to the table the pop and zing that is essential to any thirst-quenching non-alcoholic beverage. Our alcoholic beverages will be of the finest blend guaranteed to ensure a smooth, flavorful experience.

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