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We are Macandoo.

Macandoo is a Bavarian-based company dedicated to making a difference across a broad spectrum of products and services – “Food Live” that includes Food Products and Beverages, Information Technology (IT), and Others. Our goal is to infuse innovative ideas and offer consumers, quality products not yet existing in the market. We have begun this journey by identifying and analyzing market needs and then successfully combining our experience and innovative ideas to meet those needs.



February 2014

macandoo UG has been transformed into the legal form GmbH after successfully finishing it’s first financing round.

November 2012

macandoo UG proudly announces the launch of it’s first „food live“ product


Products & Services

Our philosophy is that the consumer, when eating a meal, should consciously experience the food, as well as be aware of the eating process in an intuitive way. A meal or a beverage should be about more than just an intake of nourishment

Macandoo is very much in sync with the IT pulse. Our future services in software applications, networks and small business solutions will boost our client’s presence in the international scene.

Customer service is rapidly becoming the single biggest cornerstone in domestic and international business-to-business (B2B) relationships today.